Agriculture Loan

NBL Agriculture Loan
Nepal Bank Limited (NBL), is committed to the dreams of farmers by understanding the responsibilities of turning the dreams into reality.  We focus on commercialization of agriculture sectors as Government of Nepal has been providing prime focus on rising commercialization of agriculture production / processing. We have introduced Agriculture products to scale up and diversify the business.

Various funded and non-funded credit facilities will be provided to the firm/business entities involved in commercial agriculture farming.
•    Loan Processing – FREE
•    Interest Rate: Base Rate +2% premium.
•    Interest Subsidy of 5% (i.e base rate + 2% Premium).
•    Revolving Facilities: Maximum up to one year, renewable every year subject to satisfactory performance review.
•    Fixed Term Loan: Maximum up to 15 years (as per nature of business) for Fixed Assets (inclusive of livestock/cattle/plantation /Building, shed construction etc.) including the Moratorium period. Interest Subsidy on tenure up to 5 years.
•    Note: In case of Loan value Exceeding Nrs.50 Million, 5% subsidy will be provided on First Nrs.50 million and 2 % on the remaining amount exceeding Nrs. 50 million subject to pre-approval from NRB.

Agriculture lending sub-sectors:
Livestock Farming: Cattle (Cow, buffalo, pig, goat, sheep), poultry (Broilers, layers, ostrich, kaliz), and Processing: Dairy, slaughter houses, meat processors, and others
Food Crops: Paddy, wheat, maize, millet, oilseeds, pulses and others
Vegetables Farming:  Seasonal, off- seasonal, Tunnel, Hi-tech and others
Cash Crops: Tea, Coffee, Sugarcane, Cardamom, Apple, Kiwi, Banana, mushroom and others    
Floriculture:  Cut flower, Rose, Orchids, Ornamental plants and others
Aquaculture/Fishery: Fish, Nursury, Hetchary, Bio-flocks and others
Apiculture/Bee keeping:  Cerana and mellifera, processing of honey etc
Special crops: Seed production, spices, herbs, walnut etc
Agricultural Mechanization: Transplanter, Broadcaster, Tractor, Riper, Thresher and other Agriculture Machineries