NBL in Brief

Nepal Bank Limited (NBL) , the first bank of Nepal proudly holds the glory of marking the formal beginning of banking system in Nepal. Nepal Bank Limited was established as FIRST bank of Nepal on Kartik 30, 1994 (November 15, 1937 A.D.) under Nepal Bank Act 1937. The bank was established with an authorized capital of Rs.10 million, issued capital of Rs.2.5 million and paid up capital of Rs.0.842 million. The share held by government and private sector was 60% and 40% respectively. 

Glance of NBL in 1994 B.S.

Paid up Capital

Rs.0.842 million

No. of Shareholders 


Total Deposit 

Rs.1.7 million

Total Loan 

Rs.1.98 million

No. of Employees



Noteablly, Nepal Bank Limited was inaugurated by King Tribhuvan with supportive vision of Prime Minister Juddha Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana to institutionalize formal banking system in Nepal. Before the establishment of NBL, all monetary transactions were carried out by private dealers and trading centers. It was the time when there was no trust for such formal banking system. This reflected in under subscription of shares (OnlyRs.0.842 million could be raised out of floated capital of Rs.2.5 million). Raising deposit and mobilizing the collected deposit was even more difficult. 

Absence of any bank in Nepal was hampering the economic progress of the country. This was taken into consideration by Nepal Bank Limited with key focus on overcoming such economic hamper and difficulties of general public. This was initiated by providing banking services to people removing their inconvenience. This objective got better and bigger with the time. Nepal Bank Limited has so far adopted according to the technological changes, national economic welfare, customer preferences in services, market competition and global financial scenarios to become a leading, glorious and highly reputed bank of Nepal.  


To be the most preferred bank of the Nation with complete banking solutions.


Nepal Bank collaborates with its customers while designing, developing, and delivering banking solutions to satisfy the interest of all stakeholders by efficiently leveraging cutting-edge technology. The bank endeavors to be ethical in product offering, responsive in operation, and trustworthy in ensuring security to protect its own and customers' interests.


The followings are the core values (BREED) of the bank:


     R: RESPONSIBLE                                                       

     E: ETHICAL                                                                

     E: EMPOWER EMPLOYEES                                   

     D: DEVOTE FOR INNOVATIONS                          


In line with the Vision and Mission Statements, the bank's goal is "To Achieve secured and sustainable business growth to attain larger market share" through enhancing Operational Efficiency and Customer Service, Increasing HR Productivity, and Risk Management System.


Corporate Strategy No.



Enhance Business Growth and Profitability


Efficient Human Resources Management and Organizational Effectiveness


Technology-driven transformation and digital customer engagement


Improve Operational Efficiency and Customer Service


Ensure Effective Control, Compliance, and Risk Management


Ensure Effective Assets Management