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NRN Banking

Welcome to the NRN at Nepal Bank Limited. 
NBL presents various services to NRN from the Kathmandu Banking Office. NBL has established an NRN-DESK at Kathmandu Banking Office. 

For the further information please contact at: 


Kathmandu Banking Office, GPO Box-36, Dharmapath, Kathmandu, Nepal
Telephone: +977-1-4222315 
Fax +977-1-4222383, 
E-mail: [email protected] 

Services to NRN:
NBL presents various services to NRN. They can take NBL as financial partner for personal as well as business solution. Following services are available to the NRN from the Kathmandu Banking Office of NBL.

1. Business Partner 

You can choose NBL as your business partner for:

2. Deposits Accounts

Account Opening Procedures 

3. Remittance Services

NBL has wider network at national and international level. Money can be remitted to NBL from any part of the world for payment to anyone anywhere in Nepal. The service is online within 44 Branches while the rest of the branches are fax connected. Please use SWIFT code NEBLNPKA to remit money to NBL.

Network of Computerized Branches:

4. NBL has a large network in the major cities of the country. There are 211 branches operating with the online banking facilities.