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Salary Saving Account

Salary Saving Account

Staff salary account is designed to all the salaried employees working in any institution. This account is the banking channel of receiving monthly salary of such staffs. 

Apply Online  

  • No minimum balance required 
  • Free VISA debit card for the first year and annual renewal charge afterwards 
  • Free NBL Smart Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Demat Account opening, C-ASBA and Mero Share registration

Documents Required

  • Personal identification such as passport/citizenship.
  • Recent passport size photographs of account holder.
  • Identification of account holder justifying the current address of customer such as utility bill (electricity/telephone) or PAN card or driving license or voter identity card etc. for KYC purpose
  • Declaration of nominee with personal identification and PP size photograph
  • Copy of valid employee identity card or recommendation letter of concerned office.