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S.No. Particulars Charges

1 Consumer Loan

7.1.1. Administrative Fees - New (Other than Gold Loan) 0.75% of approved limit
7.1.2 Administrative Fee - Renewal (Other than Gold Loan) 0.15% of renewed limit
7.1.3 Gold Loan
1 Administrative Fee (Limit approved from Branch Authority) Free
2 Administrative fee (For the Limit approved by HO, CLD Beyond Branch Authority) 0.50% on total limit
3 Renewal Fee (For the limit beyond branch authority) 0.10% of renewed limit
4 Insurance premium (at the time of repayment) 1% p.a. for the full value of gold and silver on daily basis

2 Corporate Loan

7.2.1. Administrative fees (New Loan)
1 Funded 0.5% of approved limit
7.2.2. Administrative fees for Renewals
b Above 2 Million upto 10 Million NPR 5,000
c Above 10 Million NPR 10,000
a Up to 2 Million NPR 3,000
2 Non Funded
1 Funded 0.10% of approved limit
2 Non Funded 0.10% of approved limit

3 SME Loan

7.3.1. Administrative fees (New Loan)
1 Funded 0.75% of approved limit
2 Non Funded 0.15% of approved limit
1 Up to 2 Million NPR 1,500
2 Above 2 Million upto 10 Million NPR 4,000
3 Above 10 Million 0.10%NPR 10,000
7.3.2. Administrative fee for Renewals- Funded 0.15 % of approed limit
7.3.3. Administrative fee for Renewals- non-Funded

4 Agriculture Loan

7.4.1. Administrative Fee-New Loans
1 In case of Subsidized loan Free
2 Other agriculture loan 0.75% of approved limit
7.4.2. Administrative Fee-Renewals 01.15%of renewed limit
Notes: 1. Administrative Fee on additional limit of all types of loan (except subsidized agriculture loan) shall be charged as equal percentage as new loans under the concerned loan category. 2. Administrative fee shall not be charged in case of loan proposal rejected by bank. Such fee will not be refunded if borrower denies to consume approved loan. 3. All credit related charges levied on customer shall be mentioned in CFOL. 4. Administrative and renewal fees shall be calculated separately for Funded and Non-Funded limit. 5. Administrative fee on limit approval/renewal of guarantee for the purpose of EXIM Code shall be charged NPR 500 p.a. 6. No administrative and renewal fee shall be charged for Non Funded Limits against 100% Cash/Fixed Deposit margin. 7. Loan switching charge shall be equivalent to administrative fee applicable for new loan. (No administrative fee shall be charged if switching charge is recovered from the borrower)

5 Commitment Fees

7.5.1. All types of Working Capital / Revolving Nature Loans (If average annual loan outstanding is below 60% of approved limit, then commitment fees shall be charged at the time of renewal) Corporate Loan: 0.10% on unutilized portion of approved limit Others: 0.15% on unutilized portion of approved limit
7.5.2. All types of Term Loans Corporate Loan: 0.10% on unutilized portion of approved limit Others: 0.15% on unutilized portion of approved limit

6 Securities Registry Fee

1 Vehicle Registration NPR 1,000
2 Land, Building, machinery and others NPR 1,000
Any fees levied by respective government offices to be paid by the customer

7 Securities Release Fee

1 Full release No Service Charge
2 Partial release or exchange of collateral
i Upto 25 lakhs NPR 10,000
ii Above 25 lakhs NPR 15,000
3 For Margin lending NPR 500 for each time letter sent to Register and Transfer Agent (RTA)

8 Restructuring and Rescheduling Fee

Restructuring and Rescheduling Fee 0.10%

9 Loan Swap Charges

Loan Swap Charges Corporate Loan: 0.10% on Swap amount Others: 0.15% on Swap amount

10 Facility Amendment Fee

1 For amendment in any terms of CFOL except interest rate NPR 5,000

11 Prepayment Charges

1 Pre-payment of any type of loan Corporate Loan: 0.10% on prepaid amount Others: 0.15% on prepaid amount

12 Letter of Intent

7.12.1. Hydropower Loan
1 Up to 10 Megawatt NPR 25,000
2 Above 10 Megawatt Additional NPR 2,500 per MW
7.12.2 Agriculture Loan
1 Upto 10 Million Loan NPR 5,000
2 Above 10 Million Loan NPR 10,000
7.12.3 Others (Hotel, Hospital, Cement, Steel, etc.)
1 Upto 1 Billion Loan NPR 25,000
2 Above 1 Billion Loan Additional NPR 25,000 per Billion loan