NBL Sajilo Byawasaya Karza

This product is designed to those customer who have recently started their business and also have new registration or who have been operating their business but have new registration. 

Maximum limit of sajilo bayawasya karza will be Rs 2.5 million. This loan is term loan as well as working capital loan in nature. In term loan, loan limit is determined by 70% of the value of fixed assets. Working capital loan on the other hand will be hypothecation in nature i.e. loan will be provided against the pledge of goods in stock. Though, the ownership of such goods remains to borrower himself, bank has lien over these hypothecated goods. Loan limit is availed up to 70% of stock value.

Documents Required 

1. Identification Related 

  • Personal identification of borrower and guarantors
  • Photograph  of borrower and guarantor
  • Family details from concerned local authority.
  • Firm registration certificate 
  • PAN certificate 
  • Partnership deed (For partnership firm )

2. Collateral Related 

  • Land ownership certificate
  • Land revenue receipt
  • Rajinama/Bakaspatra/Anshabanda paper
  • Ward map and File map of collateral
  • Four boundaries (charkilla)
  • Approved house map from local authority.
  • Nirman Sampanna/abhilekhikarn paper

3. Income Related 

  • Projected financial report for coming 3 years.
  • Details of stock, debtors and creditors. 
  • Year to date (YTD) purchase/sales.